Course Description

The Advanced Technical Instructor Course is to provide Instructors an opportunity to enhance their understanding of how to apply the physical skills in more purposeful aggressive situations. It enables instructors to apply the concepts learned in the RCT level of training to more intense situations as well as learning more skills for redirecting, evading and escaping.

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The Advanced course is 4 days from 8am – 5 pm each day and instructors are required to complete the online exams for the RCT material. At the end of this 4 day course instructors are re-certified in the RCT as well as certified at the Advanced level.

Requirements & Costs

  • Must have successfully completed RCT.
  • Completed pre-workshop online learning.
  • Be able to complete key physical skills (see video for minimum requirements).

Who It’s For

Individuals who work with people whose aggression and violence are at a higher skill and threat level. Often times the aggression is intentional and not simply emotionally escalated.

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Chapter 10

  • Team Approach with Aggression and Violence
  • Advanced De-Escalation and Team Skills
  • Advanced Stance, Balance, Mechanics, Movement, and Body Positioning: Standing, Moving In/Moving Away Skills, Choking Variations: You are Being Choked Standing or Seated, Away from a Surface,
  • Weapons: Throwing/Jabbing/Swinging

Chapter 11

  • Floor Chokes And Against a Surface
  • Floor Techniques
  • Administration of IM Medication
  • Lifting and Carrying
  • Mechanical Restraints
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How long is the course?

All instructors in an advanced course must attend 4 days. The conceptual chapters are done after the face to face portion online.

How often must I recertify?

The certification is every two years for instructors. Certification is every year at the student level.

How many students can an instructor teach at one time?

All chapters that do not have any physical skills have a 1 instructor to 20 students ratio. Chapters with physical skills have a ratio of 1 instructor to 10 students.

Do all organisations need advanced training?

No. Only organisations that deal with higher levels of aggression and violence should consider having advanced instructors. The Mandt System can assist in determining the level of training needed to best meet the organisations need.

Do still need to recertify in RCT once they’ve gone advanced?

No. The advanced course also covers the RCT recertification for instructors. Once an Instructor is on the advanced strand they only attend advanced events.

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