Course Description

Enhanced Safety takes an organisational evidenced based training needs assessment approach, supported by data, to craft bespoke training to meet unique challenges and needs not covered in lower levels of training.

Requirements & Costs

Organisation must have at least one Advanced instructor. Additional development charges may also apply.

Who It’s For

Organisations who deal with aggression and violence at a level beyond what the Advanced Course is able to cover.

Request Information

Contact the Senior Vice President of Instruction and Corporate Implementation for further details.

As this is a bespoke training determined by a needs assessment. Therefore, there is not a covered outline.

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Do we have to share our data?

Yes. We will require at a minimum of the last six months of restraint data. All data is kept confidential.

Why is certification one year instead of two like all other levels of The Mandt System?

The enhanced safety techniques come with a higher risk and therefore must be reviewed annually instead of biannually for the safety of all involved.

Where can I find to sign up for an enhanced safety course?

There are no “open” enhanced safety courses. All courses are developed through a needs assessment and done on site for the approved organisation.

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