Course Description

The chapters in the Relational Skills Section provide the framework needed to build the foundation of all human services, the relationships between the caregivers. Relational skills will open the door to the conceptual and technical skills offered in human service settings. Relational skills will make the conceptual and technical skills of staff even more effective because they are trusted. Dr. Peter Breggin, quoted above, says “It is easier to de-escalate with someone you know and trust than someone you do not know and cannot trust, or someone you know and do not trust.”

Requirements & Costs

No previous requirements.

Cost is $1,900(+GST) AUD per person

Who It’s For

This level of training benefits all people.

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Chapter 1 – Building Healthy Relationships

Foundational beliefs, working as a team, dealing with emotions, causes of stress, and crisis cycle.

Chapter 2 – Building Healthy Communication

Nonverbal elements in communication, vocal elements in communication, verbal elements in communication: strategies for de-escalation.

Chapter 3 – Building Healthy Conflict Resolution

Communicating through problem solving, problem solving techniques.

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How long is the course?

New instructors will attend 2 days and those recertifying attend 1 day.

How often must I recertify?

The certification is every two years for instructors. Certification is every year at the student level.

How many students can an instructor teach at one time?

All chapters that do not have any physical skills have a 1 instructor to 20 students ratio.

Are CEU’s given for the course?

CEU’s are given for all instructor courses. The Mandt System provides these through IACET and are calculated at 1 CEU per every 10 hours of course time. CEU’s are not available at the student level.

How often must an instructor Teach to maintain their certification?

Instructors must teach the relational chapters and be on a course report a minimum of once a year.

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