A Commitment to Culture Change

One of the aspects of the Mandt System program approach that our users says they most appreciate is the review and update of our materials at a regular interval. This allows us to ensure that research findings, published studies, new practices and thinking is incorporated into the body of knowledge that form the program content. Updating content is important but we also believe it is important to also update our approach.

During recent years we had started to actively talk to new users of the Mandt System about the importance of committing to a ‘Restraint Reduction Approach’ and in particular the desire for a culture that challenges the need for and or use of ‘Restrictive Practices’. This has generated some interesting discussions and overwhelmingly, organizations using the Mandt System have embraced this approach and are seeing significant positive outcomes that are being sustained over time.

Mandt is already recognized as a Learning & Development model that focuses significantly more on Prevention and De-Escalation that on physical Intervention. We have for more than a decade done this within a Trauma Informed, Positive Behavior Support framework. As we move in 2019 and beyond the Mandt Model and our approach will more strongly and publicly align to a partnership committed to the reduction of restrictive practice. In addition to organization’s delivering services we see Families, Parents and Carers as key partners in this approach. To support this goal we have a number of family focused initiatives planned for the new year, to find out more contact [email protected]

Simon Kemp – CEO

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