In this thing together…

For all the bad news out there right now, I am inspired by the ways that I have seen people pull together to help their neighbors and community. From people going to the store for their neighbors who are considered high risk to the teachers from our local elementary school driving around our town in a caravan this afternoon to wave to their students and tell them they miss them, so many folks are doing what they can to support each other in public and private ways.

The struggle to continue to provide quality supports and services through the current crisis is obviously a challenge for all human services organizations. In spite of the difficulties, schools are continuing to not just provide but in many cases deliver meals to students in neighborhoods, therapists and teachers are providing services to patients and students through web conferencing, and of course there are all the essential direct support professionals, nurses, and so many others out there who continue to show up for their shifts and work extra hours to make sure that the people they serve are safe. 

It is during times like this that the work we have done to build healthy relationships can help sustain us. Creative solutions and teamwork become crucial to success. As individuals receiving services rely more heavily on their caregivers, caregivers in turn will rely more heavily on their supervisors and organizations.

At The Mandt System, we have always tried to be more than a vendor of training and to partner with organizations to support them in the work they do. In this spirit, we are continually looking for creative ways that we are able to help support you through this time as you provide safe relationships and environments for everyone in your organizations. 

We’re in this thing together!

Doug ZehrVogt, Mandt System Faculty

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