Doing Things Differently…

We hope everyone had a chance to celebrate Independence Day 2020. Probably not in the same way you’ve celebrated in the past, but still… Based on the last week in my neighborhood, fireworks sales were up by approximately 212%. Holy cow!

Speaking of things not being the same as in the past, we’ve been working with a number of you recerts to go through a “virtual recertification.” Obviously, not something that The Mandt System has ever done before, but lots of us have had to figure out how to work differently. We have loved seeing your living rooms and have appreciated the help your kids or spouses have provided as you demonstrated the physical skills (and if I’m being totally honest, I’ve LOVED seeing your four legged family members). We’ve also really enjoyed your genuine efforts as some of you had to pantomime your way through those physical skills. But, we made it work. At least when the internet was cooperating 🙂

The Mandt System Faculty are back on the road, bringing hand sanitizer, masks, and face shields along with us (hey, it’s a COVID-19 world and we’re just living in it). Our in-person events are a little bit different. We are social distancing as much as possible during the first two days. We have thought differently about group activities and how to still create a positive learning environment focused on building relationships, but from six feet away. Obviously the technical (physical) skills still require people to touch one another. Even then though, we try to reduce exposure as much as possible by taking daily temps; not rotating partners; taking more frequent breaks to encourage hand washing; and, reducing the numbers of repetitions we expect.

If you are signed up for an in-person event in the next few weeks or months, we are excited to see you and your creative face masks (it’s hard to remember that this wasn’t even a thing six months ago). We remain committed to providing you with a quality training experience and exceptional customer support. Of course, if you happen to be ill we ask that you stay home and reach out to The Mandt System to reschedule. We will be happy to assist you.

Until we are able to see you on video conference or at an in-person event, stay safe and healthy out there. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is any way we can support you during this time. Our main office number is (800) 810-0755.

Nikki Wince – Mandt Faculty Supervisor

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