Why Mandt is not a KIA…

When I say that Mandt is not a KIA, I am not referring to the South Korean Auto maker but to KIA the abbreviation of ‘Know It All’.   We often share with people that as a learning and development organization we do not believe that we alone, have a monopoly on all the best knowledge that our industry and area of expertise has to offer.  We are thankfully operating in a world where academics, writers and researchers are continuing to examine what we do, what works and publishing a continuous body of new ideas and thinking.

To that end one of the strengths we are told of our program approach is the commitment to updating our materials to reflect such new practices and learning rather than continuing to push a dated curriculum that is no longer ‘on point’ with current practice, thinking and needs.

So as we approach 2021 we are already thinking about how the new 2022 Mandt System program is going to look,  function and engage with the next generation of learners.  I can tell you that we are excited to leave nothing off the table and in order to challenge ourselves not to be a ‘KIA’ are now seeking ideas, concepts and thoughts from our partners and instructors as to what we should be looking at and into for this curriculum.

We would love to hear from you and our 2022 Curriculum lead faculty, Dr Dale Shannon is standing by to collate and funnel any thoughts, ideas and comments.  Please reach out to him at [email protected].

Simon -CEO 

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