Today I am in the position of many parents, home alone for the first time since early June, my three children have all gone off this morning to new term, new grades and for some, new schools for the 2017/2018 academic year. In common with many parents I am sure the feelings are bittersweet…. The summer is behind us, but so it the challenge of three kids arguing and generally be a challenge to us and each other.

The new school year is a great opportunity for my kids to remold and re-invent themselves and, new schools, transitioning from elementary to Mid or Senior year at High School all have opportunity with different teachers, environments or fellow students. I can certainly recall my own hopes at a new school year to try and be a different, better or more mature student etc.…

So why stop…. surely every year we have calendar milestones that allow us to reset our educational, behavioral and personal goals? If I think about the work anniversaries, my birthday, the new year etc.… I can see multiple opportunities to have my own equivalent of the ‘return to school’ moment. I hated school, but I love my work, so maybe in this context I can be more successful, here’s hoping.

Simon Kemp – CEO The Mandt System