Happy Belated Fathers Day. I know many may not know ,there may be many who would prefer not to know this. We know according to the ACE study quoted in The Mandt System, one third of people in the study stated no abuse during the formative years. I’m one of the third.

Today, I would like to think my dad for all the help he gave me growing up. He is the reason I preform my job, making sure I give more than I ask. He’s the reason I treat people with dignity and respect. He’s the reason I want to be around my family as much as I can, spend time with them, camping, vacationing, and being together just for a cookout on weekends. The values I grew up with, I have passed on to my kids and grandkids.

Today we would love to talk to my dad one more time. Think you for the gifts he instilled in me. Dignity, Respect, Honesty, Trust the foundation of a healthy relationship. He’s the reason I do what I do. Teaching others the values many of us believe but fail to put into practice. These simple values will make your job easier and peoples’ life you touch better. That’s why I started sharing this idea with David 29 years ago. Thanks Dad, although you were taking from us 17 years ago. I will continue to pass on these values for the two thirds who may have missed guidance from someone like you.

Randel C. Goad – Faculty Supervisor