Following a medical diagnosis last summer I was treated and then placed on a variety of painkillers to manage my symptoms during my recovery phase. I ended up taking at least 2 types of strong opiates multiple times during the day and continued to do so until recently when I choose to reduce my usage, as I was questioning the effectiveness, in my particular situation.

Over a few weeks I came off these meds and was faced with a number of folks telling me it was great to get ‘the old me’ back again. This completely threw me as I was not aware the ‘old me; had gone anywhere. Sure I had been tired and going to bed early etc.. but nothing that had interfered with me being me, I thought.

Clearly medications and in particular cocktails of pharmacology can have an effect on our behavior, mood and even personality. To the extent that those who know us see a change. Often we are unaware, just as in my case and oblivious to said changes.

In the Mandt system we teach in our Relational chapters about taking time to see the real person and not just their behavior. Clearly seeking the input of family members and those with history of knowing the individual will aid in painting a better picture of the person being served. I am sure this is especially true in individuals that are taking multiple meds for different reasons. Lets remember to try and see behind or beyond the pharmacology also where that is at all possible.

Simon Kemp – SVP Business Development