After the recent New York primary election results it has been interesting to read, and listen to the pundits and journalists discussing how both the leading candidates have to now change, or modify their image in order to appeal to the wider base of their respective parties. What a fascinating notion this is. The appeal that they have gained to date, has to now we altered, and or diluted so as to reach a target demographic, yet somehow they have to retain their appeal with those that already support them.

The glaring question becomes, where is the authenticity in this projected image? Surely it is the perception of authenticity, in the message or values and attitude that a candidate demonstrates that attracts their supporters. If their image is so fluid as to be massaged and nuanced to appeal to all, then surely that primary base will feel cheated or disenfranchised or even, lied to?

In the Mandt System we talk about the essential need for staff to be authentic in their communications with those they serve. Not to make false promises and to follow through on the things they say. Only with this authenticity established can positive health relationships be created, based upon honesty and trust.

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Simon Kemp – SVP Business Development