This week I was diagnosed as having a Heart Arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) following a trip to ER last weekend whilst in Atrial Fibrillation (AF). I had been feeling unwell (very tired and difficulty in focusing and concentration) for the last few weeks and clearly now I can see I had probably been dropping in and out of AF for some time.

What was interesting was the number of folks (work colleagues and friends) who once aware of what was going on have said a version of “…. Oh that explains why Simon seemed inpatient/irritable etc.. last time we spoke…” Clearly my behavior was different to the norm and people were noticing but had not said anything.

Now because I was feeling generally unwell, fatigued etc.. I was aware that my threshold of patience and calm were not at their usual levels, but I did not know why. In the Mandt system we teach that staff may not always know or be aware of what is going on internally for or in the lives of individual they serve, or with whom they interact, and to not take behavior personally or jump to conclusions. What I can attest to in this scenario also, is that I did not know what was going on either, just that I felt unwell.

As I progress through the treatment process following this diagnosis it is good to be resuming a sense of equilibrium even if my anticoagulation treatment creates some similar side effects to those I was experiencing before. At least this time I know why that is occurring and can make accommodations for myself and share with others so hopefully they will too.

So in summary, as we teach in Mandt, we may not know what is going on with a person that precipitates their behavior, but remember also, that the person may not know either. So really is there is no basis for us to take it personally until we and they have maybe established the facts around what is going on. Lets get to the heart of the matter before we rush to judgment.

Simon Kemp SVP Business Development