MS’s Story

Frequently in class instructors share stories that exemplify the concepts taught in The Mandt System. During an event at a forensic facility in Texas, MS shared this story. He was becoming a Mandt instructor but was obviously well trained by the instructors at the facility. MS’s inspirational story is shared with his permission and with the intention of honoring him for sharing his experience and how The Mandt System has positively impacted him and the individuals he serves.

When MS arrived at his duty station at the forensic facility he saw Tom angrily kicking a door, disrupting the environment. MS approached Tom asking him what was wrong. MS stated that staff awakened him to ask if he wanted a snack. Not surprising Tom said no, but when he did get up he approached the staff member asking for his snack. The staff member informed Tom that his snack had been given away. That was when Tom became angry and began to kick the door. MS calmly informed Tom that he did not have access himself, but when another staff member arrived on duty, MS would see if he could get Tom the snack he wanted. He went on to say, “I need you to do something for me. The next time you get angry, please don’t kick anything. Instead come to me and let me know you are upset. I will take you to the weight room to work out”. Tom was given his snack and de-escalated.

Several weeks passed without incident but app. 3 weeks later Tom approached MS stating, “I need to go workout”. MS did not ask why but explained that he needed to make arrangements so he could leave. As soon as he completed that task MS accompanied Tom to the weight room and worked out with him for over an hour. As they returned to the ward, Tom looked at MS and said simply, “Thank you for keeping your word”.

This story illustrates using RADAR, affirming emotions and choosing behaviors, treating people with respect and dignity, setting events, the value of teaching substitute behaviors, but more than anything, the value of developing healthy relationships where trust and respect is demonstrated.

Shared by Aaryce Hayes – SVP Operations