According to Webster’s dictionary perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something. After working in and around institutions for so many years, I have met my fair share of characters.

Individuals with quirky habits, personality nuisances, or other differences were often hidden away in institutions, or left at home and shunned by society; today are the beloved characters of Television. For example, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, exhibits a compulsive need for routine and order, that in the past considered bizarre and a reason for institutional care, now has created stardom. My point is that overtime ideas and realities shift.

The Mandt System has also grown, developed, and gained different perspectives since its inception. We have developed deeper understandings of how behavior communicates needs. We have grown in our perceptions of stress and the effects of stress on the body and on relationships.

The Mandt System has definitely evolved from the program I first learned so many moons ago, but the simple idea that is the foundational glue remains the same. All the bells and whistles of new ideas can often muddy up the water. When in doubt keep it simple and remember it all boils down to treating everyone with dignity and respect

Randel C. Goad – Faculty Supervisor