‘Don’t take it personally’ – Easier said than done……Let’s think a little bit about how easy it is to take something that someone says to us personally and that in turn may cause us to become angry.

How does this make us feel, if you go back to the last time you took something too personally, lets attempt to take a look at what type of “mood” we were experiencing, how much stress we might have been under. Did we have a setting event that is caused us to respond to an everyday event in an unusual way. Many times when we may be having a rough day we may respond sometimes in an inappropriate way to someone that pushes one of our buttons. Comments made to us regarding something that is a very sensitive issue to us.

In the Mandt System training program we speak about always having our radar on. Be aware of how you are feeling when interacting with other people. Be very cautious if we know we have had a rough day, we may not feel well, we must be in touch with ourselves at all times especially when providing services to the people we are responsible for. I have always believed the most difficult part of our jobs in human services is learning to manage/control ourselves under duress.

So; Q Tip, Quit Taking it Personal

We all know easier said than done!

Sally Phipps, Mandt Faculty