Bio-mechanical Assessment of The Mandt System Technical Skills

“A biomechanical assessment of the physical skills of the program was performed by participation in a 3 day workshop with Mandt trainers. During the workshop the author experienced each of the techniques from an observer…”

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The assessment Dr. Van Ee performed is the basis for the ergonomic assessments of each of the physical skills used in The Mandt System®. The ergonomic assessments demonstrate how Mandt System® physical skills maintain as much safety as possible for individuals served, and for staff. While no physical skill is without risk, Dr. Van Ee closed his assessment with these words: “The Mandt System, Inc. should be commended for their ongoing efforts in developing and expanding their system which provides many alternatives to the use of physical restraint. When the use of physical restraint becomes necessary, staff and clients can be assured that the risks associated with use of The Mandt System® have been minimized through planning and research.”

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