Healthy Relationships in the Week Ahead

As we approach the holidays I have been hearing from friends, colleagues and my own family about the different plans that we, and they have in place to spend our time, give gifts and celebrate the season. It has staggered me how many of my colleagues and children’s friends etc… have relayed stories of alternate Christmas arrangements due to fractured or fragmented relationships within families.

I have heard about kids just seeing one of their parents over the holiday due to damaged relations with the other parent, or not seeing any family due to life choice disapproval. Or in some cases celebrating with friends as a chosen family rather than birth parents of siblings. Clearly the concept of Healthy Relationships as we talk and teach in the Mandt System comes under particular strain when looked at through the holiday lens. It also seems to be a common theme, that it was at or on prior holiday events that relationships soured or broke down. It certainly can be hard sometimes to maintain healthy relationships when we are forced to spend time in confined or concentrated space.

Where appropriate, we in our family have extended invitations to those who would otherwise not be with a family, their own or chosen on the day. I know others like us, who make the same of similar gestures to those around then at this time of year. If you know someone who is likely to be alone, disconnected from family for whatever reason and the circumstances are appropriate, maybe you can extend an invitation of your own.

All the best of the season to one and all.

Simon Kemp – CEO

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