Letting Others Lead

In the Mandt system business we believe that part of building healthy relationships within our team, is the ability to switch up roles at appropriate times and occasions and allow others to lead in their areas of expertise, experience or interest. This sees most folks in the business with a greater level of ownership and control in their area of function or responsibility than might be the case is a traditional team structure.

One of the most rewarding things to experience as a business manager is the growth and development of employees that are ‘invited to lead’. Whilst individuals with given titles in the business may have ultimate responsibility for our outcomes, none of us have a monopoly on the best way to achieve those outcomes in all myriad of circumstances. Being open to letting others lead is not an abdication of responsibility but rather an innovative way of tapping into the team talents and experience.

Also, who knows, but a useful bi product of this activity, is that you may be revealing your future business leaders in the process….

Simon Kemp – CEO

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