One of the major perks of being part of the Mandt faculty team is the opportunity to interact with so many different organizations, people, and local cultures. I’m constantly in awe of the decency and goodness of the people that I get to meet. I often feel humbled and blessed by the wisdom that I so often get to be exposed to through interactions with different cultures.

Recently, I was lucky to have the opportunity to teach a Mandt System course in Hawaii. I found the people to be friendly and the culture to be fascinating. It’s common to hear the word Aloha as a greeting in Hawaii. However, the word is so much more than just a greeting and is quite significant to native Hawaiian culture. Aloha is the Hawaiian word for love, affection, compassion, peace, and mercy (Kaweena, 1986). I find it compelling that this word is used so frequently as a greeting of welcome within the Hawaiian culture. It’s an every-day reminder of the importance of connection and relationships.

Relationships are the foundation of the Mandt System. It is within the context of healthy relationships that our most meaningful experiences occur. Aloha, Mandt friends!

John Windsor – Mandt Faculty

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