Quietly Moving Mountains

This week in the Mandt System, we have begun the process of planning for a website overhaul and renewal as it has been over 5 years since we last updated. In the kickoff meeting and discussion with our partners and friend’s at www.glidedesign.com we were asked about what were our ‘key goals’ and ‘call to actions’ for the new website. Obviously, we referenced back to the existing website and through this process have become aware of some seismic shifts our business and relationships have taken in the last 5 years.

For example, 5 years ago our engagement and relationships were with organizations as a vendor rather than partners, and was simply centered around our direct delivery of instructor training. Today that relationship has significantly evolved to one that is characterized by structural supports through the training implementation, evaluation and behavior change journey. Today’s relationship is also shaped by ability for the organization to recoup their training investment through a range of ROI opportunities.

Today we have a program pathway to parents and families of individuals served by agencies or within the family home, allowing them to access a ‘family nuanced’ program of content based upon the core Mandt ‘Relational Foundation’. For decades providers in our industry and organization’s commissioning training have been reluctant to share, with families and care givers, what they teach or are training to their staff. We have never been comfortable with this exclusion and have addressed this exclusion of families by providing them direct access to what we teach and believe.

Five years ago the only way to access training was largely through classroom or event based learning. Today we have multiple pathways to learning and development that are online, in-person or blended. And we are not just talking about a deck of PowerPoint slides placed online, but rather a full suite of interactive learning tools, instructionally designed and with adult learning theory embedded and applied. We have even created a pathway to e-learning content for those regions and territories without good or any internet connection! A fully interactive e-book was not even in our reckoning 5 years ago but that is what we have in place for 2020 for those organizations that are committed to going paperless.

A business presence on 4 continents would have seemed like a crazy ambition beyond our reach 5 years ago, but today that is what Mandt has.

So, the lesson from this experience is to remind you to periodically scale back out to see the ‘big picture’ view of what you are achieving in your services, business or life. It is so easy to get lost in the minutiae of day to day challenges and issues that you might miss the fact that you, your teams and associates might be quietly moving mountains…

Simon Kemp – CEO

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