Responses to Aggression – Reimagined

This past weekend my two youngest boys spent time hanging out and sleeping in their tree tent. Many people have commented on how unique and fun it is and I myself have been impressed with the creators reimagining of this outdoors concept (if you are interested

In the Mandt System we are challenging individuals within their organizations to reimagine their responses to aggression and to consider a shift away from responses rooted in control and coercion. Instead we explore how to pivot toward responses informed by understanding, recovery and healthy relationships.

The process of asking yourself, ‘how can I achieve my goal in a way that perhaps defies prior convention’… can be fun as well as fruitful. A byproduct of the process can be the gaining of a deeper insight into our own thinking and that of those around us, which in turn can build greater trust and confidence, leading to improved interactions.

What can you reimagine where you live, work and play today?

Simon Kemp – CEO

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