Reconnecting & Refreshing

As a virtual company the Mandt System has no corporate office as such and all of us work out of our own homes in different parts of the globe. This works well except for the personal and social connection that can only be achieved when you are seeing someone in person.

This coming week a small group of us will be together is person to work on a project. It is great that we get to reconnect in person periodically and we always leave these events refreshed and re-energized for the work that needs to get done. It helps that our social time is generously supported by the company with fun meals and such provided. For us, coming together infrequently, it is obvious and instinctive to invest in our relationships in this way. For many organizations though that see their people daily, the value and importance of this can get lost.

In the Mandt System we teach that relationships are the context in which our work gets done. If those relationships are healthy, supportive and engaging then guess what, the work will be also. As we come together this coming week and engage with our team, why not look at your own teams also and ask yourself if your workplace relationships are healthy and energizing. Too often staff are complaining of unhealthy relationships at work where the relational exhaust being breathed in is toxic. If this is true for you, contact us and we will happily share our Relational Chapters with you and your team.

Simon Kemp – CEO

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