Brexit Perspective…

I have been working in London this past and upcoming week, so have seen first-hand the drama and immersion of the UK during this process of relational change with the European Union. Here’s my perspective…

All relationships evolve and develop over time. For some relationship’s they strengthen and for others they weaken. What the partners in a relationship want and or need over time also changes and evolves. This is natural and our comfort and or acceptance of these evolutions can and will be ultimately managed through our system of personal, religious and social and legal beliefs. There is no requirement however that the relationship has to become unhealthy through this process if all parties can accommodate and agree to understanding and openness to themselves and each other.

So, when people ask what is going to happen to the UK after Brexit, my answer has been that depends on how the relational collateral and goodwill is dispersed. When a couple decide to separate, you do not automatically cease to like or have relationship’s with members of the extended family. Sure, those relationships may change and evolve as they no longer circulate around the orbit of the original pairing, but the galaxy continues to exist and life proceeds.

In the Mandt System we teach that Healthy Relationships, Healthy Communication and Healthy Conflict Resolution are the foundation upon which our service work gets done to support the four walls of the house. The same principles would and could serve for process of Brexit in the UK. Let’s hope that those in power and with control of this process share our understanding.

Simon Kemp – CEO

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