This past weekend in my house (and I am sure many of yours) we enacted the tradition of choosing a tree, putting it up (not too much swearing) and decorating our home for the holidays. The 4 cats are delighted to have the ‘indoor’ tree back to play with, the three kids fighting over who made what ornament and the grandparents listening to Christmas Carols and us all generally getting somewhat sentimental.

At one point someone asked if we had ever had to work on Christmas Day. All of us grown-ups, had and have at various stages been is nursing, social care and healthcare fields so working Christmas day was something we have all done, but not for many years. While seniority, different fields of work or retirement means not working on Christmas day for us, many in service and caring positions continue to put those they serve into their spheres of influence on Christmas Day.

Thank you to all of those who serve in the upcoming holidays, we appreciate you and your commitment and wish you ‘Glad Tidings’ of ‘Comfort and Joy’ this Christmas. Not a flock of magpies, which is the other type of ‘Tiding’, if you encounter one of these… step and slide!

Simon Kemp – Mandt System CEO