I am currently in Australia and have been talking with associates about cultural and social norms that we may need to consider in the content structure of our Relational Chapters when delivering here to a diverse population. It is fascinating to learn about the different aspects of communication and behavior that guide our sense of a person’s authenticity.

Whilst social and cultural norms vary based upon age, race, religion and gender etc.. the concepts of ‘Dignity and Respect’ are pretty universal. It does not seem to matter where in the world we go with the Mandt System program and philosophy, the concept of being treated with ‘Dignity & Respect’ resonate and are seen as central to the concept of health relationships.

So whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres, East or West, remember that treating others the way you would like to be treated carries universal worth and the exchange rate offered in return is way more than you can put a price upon.

Simon Kemp – CEO