Like any organization, we operate with systems and process that underpin our approach to what we believe to be good business practices. Occasions sometimes arise that throw a spotlight on those systems and process and we have the opportunity to evaluate how effective and fit for purpose they are.

Just like the crisis moments that can occur within staff team relationships or relationships with individuals being served, in the Mandt System we promote the practice of ‘critical incident debrief and review’. I am compelled this week and next to apply the same critical incident and review process in evaluating the effectiveness and failings of a key system and process following circumstances that have focused that spot light.

For us in the Mandt System the same elements we teach as being applied in Critical Incident Review process are utilized. The key however will be the lenses that we employ as filters for this process. These are and will be;

– Seeing mistakes as simply mistakes and not trying to apportion blame

– Focusing on what worked well and not just where things went awry

– Ensuring that actions to be taken build people up and promote continuous improvement

– Communication from review is appropriately shared as what it is, an opportunity to learn from our experiences

I hope that this process strengthens us for the future, not just from a system stand point but from a relational standpoint also.

Simon Kemp – CEO