It’s the end of the school year and for the first time in 20 years I’m experiencing it only as a parent, not as a public school employee. This different perspective has allowed me to more fully appreciate the experience our students are having each and every day in our schools. I watch my daughter who is in eighth grade struggle with extreme stress and anxiety and she winds up her eighth-grade year.

During a time that should be really exciting for her as she embarks upon her high school career, she has had to struggle with going to school to take state required exams that determine whether or not she will pass her eighth-grade year, identify her course selections for all four years of high school, and cope with different schedules each day, and handle all the normal stressors that occur in eighth grader’s life.

I have had to step up my game to provide morning pep talks, additional structure through schedules and lists, and just be a listening ear when she needs to vent. I also remember the stress that staff experience during this time and recall looming timelines, required paperwork, and wrapping up daily business before the summer gets started.

Here are three suggestions to help you cope with this difficult time:

Build one another up: students and staff need encouragement and patience now more than ever

Provide consistency: make the crazy schedule more manageable through calendars and lists

Keep your eye on the ball: stay focused on goals and plug away at tasks while you track your progress

Summer is Coming!!!

Dr Dustyn Alexander – Mandt Faculty & Education Implementation Specialist