Over the past few years, as the Mandt System program has evolved and developed, we have often been asked about its application, relevance and fit for specialist sectors of individuals served. Once such section is the Juvenile Justice sector in the US. For a decade or more a small number of committed services have pioneered and championed Mandt as a great option for this sector. In Mandt we are specialists in Mandt and recognize that no program is going to authentically serve all situation or services challenges unless we partner with experts from those fields and learn and develop from each other to increase opportunities for creating greater safety.

This week I am going to Phoenix to meet with a group of specialists and experts from their respective field. We will share from what we know from a Mandt perspective based upon our 43 years of learning and development and I have no doubt we will learn from the group and develop a deeper and better knowledge for the future that we can apply across all manner of circumstances and situations.

How cool it is to be able to continuously be exposed to ongoing opportunities for learning and development. I encourage all of you to commit to continuous looking for learning, it really adds a worthwhile dimension to getting our work done.

Simon Kemp – CEO