My wedding anniversary is Valentine’s Day. This really leaves me no excuse to forget it and each year I have plenty romantic themed prompts to get my own personal celebration in order. This year I had conversations with many of my colleagues about their plans for Valentines celebrations. This I am sure was the convention in many workplaces last week.

What struck me this year was how many of my associates told me that they do not celebrate Valentines as for them is was more ‘Hallmark’ than authentic and they wanted to celebrate their relationship on a daily basis.

In the Mandt System we teach that the basis of safety comes from the existence of Healthy Relationships in the workplace, staff with staff, staff with folks served etc.. Just imagine if we celebrated our healthy workplace relationships every day, and not in the cheesy Valentines way that so many folks are objecting to but an authentic expression of ‘gratitude’ for the work people are doing, the ‘value’ we hold them in and their ‘balance to the force’ (workforce that is) that they bring.

Here’s the other realization I came to, in the Mandt system we already to a pretty good job of this, but starting today, I commit to trying to do better.

Wish me luck.

Simon Kemp – CEO