Many years ago, I was able to drive my grandparents to North Dakota to visit family – my aunt and uncle and three cousins. It was Easter weekend and there are a few things that stand out for me.

It was the first time I’d tasted M&M’s with almonds. My aunt had made up Easter baskets for all of us “kids” (even though we were all in our twenties) and in addition to the typical chocolate Easter bunnies and the jelly beans were M&M’s. I initially thought they were the peanut variety, but she was quick to point out that they had almonds inside. Deliciousness!

I got a speeding ticket driving my grandparent’s car and my grandfather howled with laughter. Even now, thinking back to that, it makes me laugh. Oh, he teased me for years about that. He probably would be teasing me to this day if he were still around to do so. I miss that laugh! My grandpa loved to tease those he loved.

The highlight of the thirteen hour drive for my grandma was stopping at a Perkins restaurant where she ordered a BLT and told me after her first bite, it was her favorite thing on their menu. “Golly, that tastes good” I think were her exact words. She raised a whole giant family that loves a good BLT, although I must admit – I don’t order it in a restaurant. Too stingy with the bacon in my opinion!

I work for a company that is all about relationships, and I feel very blessed to have had these two awesome people in my life. This weekend as you celebrate Easter, I hope you’re making some memories that will stick around for a few decades.

Nikki Wince – Mandt Faculty Supervisor