With the current furor over fake news, reports of electoral interference and leaking of real or false intelligence it can be hard to discern what is authentic. It used to be easy, false news was The Onion or similar and anything coming out of former Soviet Union was communist propaganda.

So in such confusing times where do we go to get what’s real. In the Mandt System our advice is going to be look into your relationships. If we are authentic, treat all with Dignity & Respect, strive to build people up and make our interactions positive then this is where we can find our ‘real’. In all honesty I don’t begin to know how to navigate the maelstrom of conflicting news and media. My personal relationships however give me some grounding.

These personal relationships are with family, co-workers, friends and connections for my other networks of interaction, social, spiritual and community. I am blessed to have a fairly diverse circles of connection, and for now this is where I am going to go, and strive myself to ‘keep it real’

Simon Kemp – CEO