Family has always been important to me. Recently, we added a new granddaughter to the family. Blake Paterson married Sarah Ridings at Cocoa Beach Florida on 1-7-17, of course Matt and Miah were in attendance and was assigned to pass out programs and greet the guest. One of my favorite moments was at the rehearsal dinner, various people were standing sharing memories about the couple and offering congratulations. Matt stood up and walked up to the head table, hugged Blake and said a few words, tears ran down Blake’s face as Matt continued to hang on. Blake later told me it was a moment he would cherish forever.

Blake and Matt have always been close, so he asked for Matt and Miah to pass out programs and greet his guest at the wedding. Matt was thrilled to do anything for Blake, although it was a challenging being off his routine and away from home. I heard several guest comment on how well behaved and precious Matt and Miah acted, which is not a surprise in our family. The honest thing is that the boys behave as they were taught from the moment they entered our family, the same is true of all my grandchildren. My daughter has always believed in setting high expectations of behavior, instead of providing excuses due to “special needs”, the results speak for themselves.

Randel c. Goad – Mandt Faculty Supervisor