The recent live ‘Facebook’ streaming of four individuals physically and emotionally abusing a young man with ADD and a Mental Health disorder is justifiably shocking and the legal, social and political condemnation has been swift.

One has to wonder what would prompt such behavior being seen as something to publically broadcast? Lets face it, lack of understanding, human empathy and stigma are not new issues facing folks such as this young man but the recording and broadcasting of such abuse is surely a new phenomenon? Remember last year the bus driver being abused and having that abuse recorded, or other such stories….

Lets hope that the impact of this high profile incident does not just cause folks to resist recording such behavior but to be better at not engaging in this kind of abuse in the first place. In the Mandt System program our core focus is an approach that seeks to treat all with Dignity & Respect irrespective of labels that people may be carrying. If our relationships can maintain such a foundation then such displays will not only be unacceptable publically but also privately. Only then will this kind of abuse decline.

Simon Kemp – CEO