So much of the recent news, Presidential nomination campaigns, Flint water contamination, Oscars award controvosies etc.. has involved individuals, tearing others down, apportioning blame as a way to build themselves up or show themselves in a better light at the expense of others.

Arguably there end up no winners in a situation like this and many casualties are created along the way. I see the impact of positions taken on social media or tweets that end up dividing friends and family members who have no direct connection or involvement in the original issue but an opinion or side that they feel compelled to take.

In the Mandt System we teach about trying to make our interactions ones that build others up rather than tearing down. This is not an excuse for taking or accepting responsibility but an attitude that says lets still try and find the positive or the learning moment in all situations, however challenging.

Imaging the news media headlines if this approach were to be adopted in some of the examples above…….

Simon Kemp – SVP Business Development