My daughter recently added a tag line to her email that caught my eye, “The SAME boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg it’s about what you’re made of NOT the circumstance”. When I asked my daughter about this she stated that in life good and bad happens to everyone it is how one handles it that determines the outcome.

My youngest daughter has had some challenges, but has allowed those circumstances to make her softer for God to mold her into something more. For example, bullying is a hot topic in today’s society. When school shootings or other tragedies occur it is often reported that it was due to the individual being bullied. This is the idea behind the quote, bullying for some leads to lashing out, for others it turns into greater love and compassion for others. My daughter was the “fat girl” in school and I am sure dealt with her fair share of name calling and bullying, but never said one thing. Instead of turning hard and being mad at the world, she is one of the kindest hearted people you could meet. Her love and compassion for others guided her into adopting my two grandsons.

So what are you made of? Will the boiling water of life make you soft or hard?

Randel C. Goad – Faculty Supervisor