This last Friday we had a banner on our Mandt System website notifying users that we had an upcoming maintenance scheduled for 6pm to 7pm during which the site would be unavailable and apologize for any inconvenience caused etc… Getting the notice from our IT department that this was coming up provided me with my required inspiration for this weeks blog offering. So thank you IT.

As organization’s we recognize and accept that systems need routine updates and maintenance in order to stay functioning at a level and rate, that meets the company or customer needs. Why then do we have such difficulty in extending the same recognition to the people in our organizations? So often we hear negative comments about individuals who are not perceived as performing and see anyone raising concern about being able to cope with their operational load as a sign of weakness or lack of commitment.

In the Mandt System we teach that one of the keys to building healthy relationships includes supporting people in difficulty. We do this not by repressing or destroying emotions but rather by helping individuals to identify their feelings, affirm them, and then chose new behaviors. Part of this approach might include the equivalent of a routine maintenance and recovery reboot.

The following link to offers a great tip section on improving mental and emotional health by taking care of yourself. Take a look at the ideas and begin to think about the routine maintenance needs of yourself and others in your team and how you might be able to implement strategies that allow for their use.

Stay well and keep up with the maintenance schedule!

Simon Kemp – Senior Vice President Business Development