Each service sector is required by regulatory or accrediting entities to collect data. However there is no way to share information due to differences in definitions, data collection methodologies and standards which result in comparing apples to oranges. Federal legislation, The Children’s Health Act of 2000 would have created common definitions, data collection requirements and minimum standards facilitating sharing of data. Although the law was passed, the regulations governing implementation of the law were never finalized. To date there is no system to collect and compare data on the frequency of emergency interventions, injuries or deaths.

Sometimes laws or regulations require service systems to use a nationally accredited or certified training organization. Unfortunately there is no process or program to provide national accreditation or certification to vendors such as The Mandt System (TMS). At best, state systems may approve specific vendors or stipulate what the training curricula must contain.

Bob Bowen posted a blog 1/15, Data Tells, but Stories Sale. At the conclusion Bob made a plea for our partners to share data with TMS. So far, there has not been a resounding response. This is inconsistent with the frequent requests we receive to provide more up to date data and research. TMS would embrace the opportunity to provide our partners with data but we must have your help to do so. This sounds like a win-win! You want the information and we want to give it to you. There is value in this exchange!!!

So remember, when you choose to partner with the Mandt System it is a partnership of data and evaluation when success can be shared and used to promote the healthier workplace relationships for all.

Aaryce Hayes – Senior Vice President Operations