At this time of year it is hard to avoid resolutions, predictions and reviews. It seems every news outlet and current affairs program is offering their year in review, predictions for the next year and resolutions ‘you will want to keep’, etc…. what is it about this calendar event that prompts such enthusiasm for behavior change?

In the Mandt system program we continually examine the role of our behavior in building healthy relationships, communication and conflict resolution. The constant refrain of ‘Affirm your emotions, and chose your behavior’ will be familiar to the millions who have gone through the program over the last 40 years. As we enter this, our 40th anniversary year we will no doubt be reflecting on the past and making predictions for the future and just like the ‘HNY’ folks we will be in danger, if not careful of the same clichéd indulgence that comes with achieving longevity milestones.

The truth in my mind for the reason we are still here after 40 years is not because we have stayed true to the original Mandt program but the opposite. The process of continuously examining the evidence base, research and data that support what we teach and updating our content and approach Bi-annually to reflect what we are learning, is I believe the key to our continued relevance and program value.

What we have stayed true to is the founding concepts put forth by David Mandt back in 1975. Those being the right for all individuals whether, patient and nurse, student and teacher, carer and cared for etc… to be treated with ‘dignity and respect’ at all times.

Now that’s a behavior we are not about to change in 2015 or beyond. In this our 40th anniversary year lets celebrate that, all the occasions where students of the Mandt System chose to treat those around them with Dignity and Respect, not just on one day per year but throughout their daily interactions…. Now that is a cause for celebration!

Happy New Year !

Simon Kemp – SVP Business Development