One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is, how do we differ from other programs? This is always a difficult question to answer, in part because our expertise in the Mandt System is our Relational, Conceptual & Technical curriculum rather than another system or program. Additionally a challenge to answer, because often times the comparison being sought does not compare like with like.

Probably the most significant difference we understand to exist, is that at The Mandt System we operate with
 a supported learning and development approach rather than as an off-shelf training program approach. The difference here means that we are certifying individuals based upon an assessment of knowledge and understanding that requires completion to 100% of assessed learning. On this basis we are able to allow certified individuals greater judgment and independence to make educated and professional assessments of what curricula they in turn need to deliver at a student/participant level rather than prescribing a narrow set of options that must be trained to all staff irrespective of need or consumer contact.

Learning and Development is all that we do. Some organizations established and operating as training providers run a business model that derives more of their revenue from the products and materials that they insist are purchased to deliver the training, than from the training itself. While we offer some occasional support resources we are firmly rooted in being a learning organization first and foremost.

We believe that our Faculty of professionals and experience since 1975, coupled to a constantly renewed and updated evidence based curriculum are more than enough to allow organizations to create meaningful change in the workplace.
Trainers leave Mandt classes with a freely available and continuous supply of all the resources they need to roll out the program in their workplace.

We are told that with some other programs, It is a little like the days when car manufactures were allowed to invalidate their warranties if you did not come direct to them for all servicing and parts etc… At the Mandt System we want you to be driving off the lot with everything you need to create safer workplaces, not a mandated shopping list of additional items you will need to buy for each time you offer someone a ride in your new car to see its features.

Finally we believe in offering a true partnership approach and this may or may not be something that comes as standard through other providers. What this means is that as you progress on your journey to create healthier workplaces we want, where you allow us to walk alongside. We want to learn with you and from you about what is working well and where the challenges are coming so that we can continually look to develop and offer solutions.

One of our partners who have transferred to The Mandt System after years with an alternative program shared with us that the difference between Mandt and other providers shows when things get difficult. The partner shared how following a staff injury the prior provider immediately took the position that for an injury to have occurred the staff must have been doing something wrong. When the partner raised an issue with the Mandt System, the response offered was, …can we look at this issue with you and see what we may be able to learn so that staff are better equipped for next time.

The partner tells us that the whole manner and tone of this engagement spoke to our philosophy and integrity as being ‘healthy relationships in action’ and that would be our wish for all of those who partner with us today, tomorrow and in years to come.

Simon Kemp – SVP North America Development