Leaders, managers, and supervisors are in critical organisational roles. Recent research indicates people often join companies highly motivated and with lofty goals only to become disheartened and leave because managers and supervisors fail to engage and support their people and teams.

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Mandt Leadership Programs are about shaping leaders today– bringing together participants from a wide variety of sectors and providing a learning environment that will inspire them, and help them develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of themselves, their workplace, and role within their community.

Customer service and staff retention is directly related to management style and organisational culture. This training will include assessment tools to monitor a baseline for company/organisational culture through enhancing healthy workplace relationships.

Requirements & Costs

No prerequisites. 2-day private event is $13,865 USD or $575 USD per person in an open event. 3-day private event is $20,335 USD or $785 USD per person in an open event.

Who It’s For

Mandt Supporting Successful Leadership Programs® are designed for company personnel working in leadership, managerial and supervisory positions. The intensive, variable-length programs assist organisations in training executives, directors, supervisory and managerial personnel by enhancing communication and relationship skills of these key leaders as they support the mission of, and people in their organisations.

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  • Recognise how building healthy relationships can transform your company culture
  • Learn to work within teams and bring different skills and styles to the table
  • Develop and strengthen personal comfort levels and communication skills in approaching, meeting with and interviewing staff
  • Sharpen time management, organisational and leadership skills
  • Discover, first-hand, what skills promote effective leadership
  • Network with and develop contacts in the community
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Are CEU’s available?

Yes, CEU’s are given at a 1 per every 10 hours rate.

Do you have to be certified in Mandt to attend the course?

No. Anyone can attend the one day courses.

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